E-Cigarettes: People think they are as dangerous as Classic Cigarettes


Talking about e-cigarettes, it’s quite hard to explain its risks and this new study on them just proved it. The results reveal the struggle to rightly convey what e-cigarettes actually are and who should be using them.

To get the results accurate, the researchers examined data from two previous surveys: The Tobacco Products and Risk Perception Survey by Georgia State University and the Health Information Trends Survey by National Cancer Institute, United States.

With results from both surveys, it was revealed that people thinking about e-cigarettes being harmful in comparison to conventional ones decreased from 45% to 35% between 2012-17. For those thinking them as being as harmful, increased to 45%, and those thinking about them as being more harmful increased from 1.3% to 2.8% — seems small, but is big.

This clearly states how confused people are regarding e-cigarettes.

Although the reports may be vintage, after all they are from 2012 and 2017, but it is still not forgotten why in 2018, FDA wanted to ban e-cigarettes, especially flavoured ones — There is a lot of misconception about E-cigarettes in both smokers and non-smokers, especially teens.

We don’t know what people think of e-cigarettes but getting a message wrong can be risky, as like overblowing risks of e-cigarettes could demolish them but not doing so could increase teen vaping, says Jidong Huang, associate professor of health management, Georgia State University.

“In a 2017 study by the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine, it was revealed that e-cigarettes pose less risk to ones life than the Conventionals.”

This line above has also been concluded by various other studies, but when it comes to who’s life this represents, it is of a smoker and not a non-smoker.

Also, there have means many studies that link e-cigarettes to various diseases related to heart and lungs — similar to those being caused by a real cigaret.

All these reports and studies other than giving us knowledge, also create confusion in peoples mind, whether they should switch to e-cigarettes or not, whether it will increase the health of their lungs. How will they be affected on switching. Whether E-Cigarettes will bring new diseases along with them.

All of them which need to be answered — that too clearly.