Does Adult Neurogenesis happen in a human Brain?

Adult Brain Neurones

Neurogenesis means formation of neurones which are produced by neural system cells , the process starts right at the time of embryo formation and keeps continuing. The production of new neurones is not limited to a few species but have been tested and positively proven in most of them.

However it was previously believed that one stops creating brain cells at the time of reaching adulthood, science has proven this false and coined the term Brain Plasticity which means that the brain is flexible and everything we experience is constantly changing and molding our brain to some degree.

The discussion that the process of neurogenesis keep on going was first raised at Rockefeller University by Fernando Nottebohm in around 1980s as they demonstrated the production of new neurones in the brain of adult songbirds. The study revealed that when the labeled DNA precursors were injected in adult songbird they turned subsequently in fully differentiated neurones, showing that after the labeled precursor was injected, neurones had undergone their last round of cell division. Therefore the replacing the healthy neurones suggests that “long-term memory involves not only changes in synaptic number and efficacy, but also changes in DNA, affecting a cell’s performance in a circuit”.

The analyst did not stopped here but over the next few ages scientists discovered adult neurogenesis in many other species, including mice, birds, and monkeys.

A new idea was introduced in 1998 speaking about the process occurs at hippocampus which is situated within the medial temporal lobe in the brain and handles long-term memory of humans, it also deals with the striatum and emotional responses.

The analyst then moved on working upon the adult neurogenesis the concept came into being in the year 1960s but was accepted in around 1990s. The sample for the test were mice brains.

And since then many researchers have been working, researching and revealing the secrets of brain. It will take years to actually come up with all the parameters of this complex organ but every related fact is always amazingly surprising in its own way.