No life on Mars: Statement turning false

Life on the Red Planet

From studying the breath in Earth and evolution of homosapeans, the analysts have moved up a step. Focus of exploration at this course is Orange — The Red Planet.

As per Journal of Astrobiology and Space Science, it is reviewed that Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes may have colonised Mars and supporting this hypothesis are impressions directed by Curiosity rover — A car sized rover sent by Nasa on Mars mission to explore Crater Gale.

The impressions displayed growing mushrooms, other fungi and algae on the surface of Mars.

Fungi and Mushrooms evidence of life on Mars

Fungi and Mushrooms on Mars (Source: Nasa)

The Journal also stated that a variety of species including bacteria, algae, fungi and lichens can survive the fictitious environmental setting of “The Red Planet”.

The hypothesis are not only stated but have also been analysed, the researchers observed hundreds of specimens identical to fungi, mushrooms and lichens on the surface. However, Nasa has not settled with the statement concluded by the above Journal.

On the other-hand research by R. Gabriel Joseph, Regina Dass, V. Rizzo, C Cantascino and G Bianciardi evidently convey of Life on Mars.

The discussion now is not only upto the presence of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic life but it is somewhere aligning to our evolution and to the progression of every species alive. It will ultimately be a gigantic achievement in the domain of science and technology.

It will conclusively be an attainment which will afford as verification to concepts and philosophy of growth and development of “The Blue Planet — Earth”.