Microsoft Edge starts warning users about fake news

Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android

In order to curb fake news, Microsoft has integrated a NewsGuard Extension into their Edge browser for mobile. NewsGuard is a company founded by journalists Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz, to counter fake news and maintain transparency over the web. The feature is not activated by default and so has to be manually enabled from browser settings.

NewsGuard rates sites based on their use of false headlines and then ranks them on the basis of their reputation. They also search the legitimacy of the owners and the financiers of these websites. Fake news and articles are created to push false agendas and NewsGuard stops them.

According to a report published by The Guardian, DailyMail’s websites fail to maintain basic standards of legitimate news and edge users are getting a warning on visiting them. The news published by them failed both accuracy and accountability tests.

Microsoft Edge may come as a default in Windows 10 but in the mobile world, the browser is not known by many. With Microsoft implementing such features, the browser might be able to gain some popularity and at the same time protect its users against fake news.

Artificial Intelligence is being used to create a viral hoax around the world to malign public images of certain brands and Politicians. These news are getting more and more optimised to the search engine criteria and with a simple click can change the mindset of millions. Thus, NewsGuard ranking is important to verify the legitimacy of the news, a simple warning will alert users about the fake and fabricated articles.