All about Google’s new gaming service “Stadia”

Google’s Gaming Service Stadia running on all platforms (Credits: Google Stadia)

The Gaming industry is making billions of dollars each year and the battle between Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox just found a new competition. Software Giant Google has announced it’s very own gaming service called Stadia. Google’s new service will utilise Google’s cloud technology and its network of data centres. The approach in Stadia is different than the competition and will enable users to play games through a web browser or YouTube. Completely Removing the need for downloading the entire game.

The Difference between Google Stadia and other Consoles?

Google is known for its software capabilities and in Stadia they made a cloud-based gaming service. Instead of downloading the entire game users will just have to use their Google Account and they can play the game with ease without having to wait for downloading and installing. It uses Google’s cloud technology and its network of data centres. Due to this users can play games directly via web browsers and YouTube.

Nintendo Switch gained a lot of traction due to different variations in gaming. A user can play it like a traditional console via a TV or they can even pause the game and picked up a small portion of the console and resume the game on the go. It was compact and Portable consumers loved it Nintendo Made a lot of money due to this.

Google saw the success of Nintendo as a place for making a lot of profit and their Newest Gaming Service Stadia is focused ok giving mobility functions to the users. Google Stadia is not limited to computers or consoles it is available on every device which has wifi capabilities. Google showcased this scenario in a demonstration where they used a 1GB ram Desktop to play a High Graphics Game like Assassins Creed. A Consumer can pause the Game on their TV and can resume that same game on their laptop they even topped Nintendo by giving this Resume Support on smartphones.

A Consumer Can play a Fully Fledged 4K Console Game on their smartphone via a strong Internet connection without the need of worrying about space either, Just Stream the Game and Enjoy.

So how it works?

Google’s Idea is just like streaming through Netflix, Just select a game, play, and if you don’t like you can easily leave.

Google also made games very easy to find. Suppose you are watching a Game Trailer on Youtube you just have to click Play Now and Google Stadia will let you play that game directly through your web browser.

Users will not have to compromise on quality as well a user can play games available in resolutions up to 4K and 60 frames per second with HDR and surround sound.

Functionalities of Google Stadia Controller

Google unveiled their console Controller known as Stadia Controller. This Controller helps Google Stadia users to experience the best of the company’s cloud-based gaming service.

Google Stadia Game Controller (Source: Stadia)

Stadia Game Controller (Source: Stadia)

Google Said in their Presentation that their Main focus while designing this controller to enhance the user experience and users will feel more immersed while using this controller.

The Google Stadia Controller comes with a dedicated button for instant capture, for saving, sharing gameplay and a Google Assistant button as well. The Controller also has a built-in microphone which enables the Google Assistant to work directly via voice commands.

Availability and Pricing

Google is yet to announce both the pricing or Global availability. Initially, Google Sadia will only be available in some select countries. This Gaming service is available in the US, Canada, and the UK. A Global rollout is expected later this year.

Google is highly influenced by Netflix way of providing things the pricing structure is also expected to be a monthly rental plan like Netflix. Several leaks have confirmed that It may also come bundled with YouTube Premium.