Chinese Surgeons are using Brain Implants to treat Drug Addictions

Brain Control

An experimental technology called the Deep Brain Simulation (DBS) has been used by the Chinese Scientists as a test to treat a methamphetamine addict. This is the world’s first clinical trial of this technology and involves drilling holes into the patient’s skull, in-which electrons are then inserted.

The test was conducted at Shanghai’s Ruijin Hospital and a pace-makers type device was placed deep into the patient’s brain. This pacemaker type device will electrically stimulate the targeted area that makes the patient addictive.

“The drilling was the most terrible part, it was like bzzz” said Yan (the patient). Adding further he said that it has been around 6 months since implantation, and he has not taken drugs. The brain device is magical. The device controls the patient’s happiness, anger, joy and grief.

A similar procedure was to pushed forward in the Western Nation, but due to many ethical laws and scientific concern, the procedures never even got started. China on the other hand, is leading this type of researches — take it to be the world’s first genetically altered babies and now this test.

According to US National Institutes of Health database, globally there are eight registered drug addition DBS clinical trails. The astonishing thing here is that around six of them are in China. In the US, the US Food and Drug Administration has sanctioned a similar clinical trial in West Virginia for Opioid Addiction.

The idea behind using DBS to control additions is great, but science always has a price and that price here involves brain haemorrhage, infections, seizures and personality changes. Also, there is an argument among researchers that the particular relation between this technique and drug additions is not known yet and further study is required.