Scientists get closer than ever to find about planet formation

Planet Formation

Astronomers are waiting for proving a theory about planet formation for quite some time now. Astronomers are looking for ways to explain the formation of planets from small asteroid-like objects known as Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Objects in our Solar system.

Astronomers have predicted the existence of these objects but due to long distance, they all seem very small and dim even though they were using world-class telescopes. Even the most Advanced technology didn’t give them a direct way of observing these planets directly.

This lack of observation stopped the astronomers to prove the already predicted planet formation theory. According to a report in Nature Astronomy, the scientists at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) are saying that this theory is indeed right and now this theory can be said for certain.

How They Did It?

The Scientists were given a very limited budget and they utilized that budget by setting up two relatively small telescopes for observation of the sky. The team of Scientists selected 2,000 stars and continues to observe them for around 60 hours.

This team also faced the same problem that so many others have found before them the distance makes the observations very difficult to said anything with certainty. However, this team approached things with a different method.

In order to locate the planetesimal, this team of researchers used a technique known as the occupation method. In this method, the team of scientist started monitoring a large number of stars and they also started observing shadows of the objects that pass in front of them. This lead to spotting an object with a radius of only 1.3 KM close to planet Pluto.

The Project Manager Of NAOJ Ko Arimatsu expressed joy and proud over this huge accomplishment. He explained that their team had less than 0.3 percent of the budget of large information projects. They didn’t have the money to build a second some in order to project their second telescope. But against all odds, they managed to prove this theory and helped the scientist around the world for more opportunities to explore.

Impact of this Achievement

This helped scientists to observe more things about planet formation. The scientist can now explore according to this newly discovered object about all the details on planets formations from small amalgamations of dust and ice to the fully-formed planets.

This theory still didn’t prove all the assumption on planet formation. However, this newly discovered object is shifting the odds in favor of “planetesimal” planet formation theory.

The team of Japanese scientists will continue their research for further proofs to get the approval of proving their proposed theory.