Google has Revealed its “Affordable” Pixel 3a Series

Pixel 3a (Source: Google)

Google officially unveiled its much anticipated mid-range smartphones — Pixel 3a and a bigger Pixel 3a XL to provide a better alternative to their premium pixel 3 Series. Google Pixel 3a starts with an asking of $399 in the U.S, 399 Euro for UK customers and ₹39,999 for Indian Consumers.

Big announcements were expected on Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O 2019, in Mountain View, California, and on Tuesday morning, Google Official unveiled its pixel 3a series. The software giant also announced details around Android Q, a new smart screen called the Nest Hub Max, and updates about Google Lens.

The Pixel 3a comes with 5.6-inch 1080p full HD OLED display, Pixel 3a XL comes with an increased 6-inch 1080p Full HD OLED display. The display quality is not as sharp as their Older elder sibling Pixel 3 XL which has a Quad HD OLED screen.

The idea behind this 3a series is to give users the choice to compromise on nearly all the hardware features to get the flagship level Camera at a much cheaper price. The design and overall feel of the device as well as the UI are identical as the Pixel 3 Series but there are some major hardware differences.

Google Pixel 3a Rear (Source: Google)

Google Pixel 3a Rear (Source: Google)

Both Pixel 3a Series smartphones come with a midrange Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 Processor. This processor is considered powerful in the midrange segment but falls very short even when compared with last years flagship processor Snapdragon 845. The Pixel 3a comes with a mere 4Gb Ram and a mediocre 3000mAh battery with huge bezels on both the top and bottom. The Camera is virtually identical to the last year’s Pixel 3 Series which is still producing one of the best camera shots in the entire smartphone market. Google Pixel 3a series also has the best Night mode on the smartphone market known as “Night Sight“.

Overall the Hardware is mediocre and the asking price for these devices is only justified in the United States. Worldwide users who have to pay extra due to taxes and other factors and users will consider these smartphones well overpriced. If the camera is the only priority for you then you should go for this device even the Apple XR and the upcoming Oneplus 7 still falls short when you compare the camera quality of these devices.

Google may still struggle to sell this phone due to the hype around the upcoming oneplus 7 series which has all of the pixel 3a software benefits but has flagship hardware features along with a pretty capable camera. Google is currently struggling to sell its premium segment smartphones and this overpriced tag may still haunt this pixel 3a series as well.