TOKYO 2020 Olympics Medals will be made from recycled electronic waste

Tokyo Japan

The Tokyo Olympics Games Organisers Announced on February 8(Friday) that they will use electronic recycled waste to forge all the 2020 Olympic medals.

Japan is known for their love for electronics and currently, Japan is one of the leading countries in Innovation in this field. This fast pace innovation leads to a generation of huge electronics wastes.

Tokyo organising committee decided to counter this challenge into an opportunity and they launched a project in 2017 to collect assorted electronic waste. They collected various types of E-Wastes including old smartphones and laptops from the common citizens, local Businesses, Industries, and various other means. This waste then sorted out to collect metal for the medals.

Tokyo organising committee issued another statement on February 8 that the expected target in waste collected will be completed in the month of March.

The committee works well with the municipal authorities and by November last year, they had collected 47,488 tonnes of old or discarded devices. The Japanese Citizens helped the committee and they handed over 5 million used phones to a local network service provider.

Tokyo organising committee had segregated there target based on medals materials. For bronze medals, they set a target of 2,700 kg for silver 4,100 kg and for Gold Only 30.3 kg.

Bronze is very common and even from the electronic waste, the committee didn’t have to push very farther. They abled to achieved the target for bronze last June, and by October they were able to collect 85% of silver and 90% of gold.

The Organisers are very positive about these targets and they will hit the set target very soon by extracting the remaining amounts from the already donated devices. They are hopeful that Enough of the metal will be extracted for all the Olympic and Paralympic medals.

This Olympics is also unique in a certain way while this approach of using recycled materials to forge Olympic medals is not new, but the set targets are first of its kind. In the Rio Olympics, the same approach has been used but the end result was disappointed. Rio committee only managed to use 30% of the recycled metals to make silver and bronze medal.

Recycled metals have been used in previous years to make Olympic medals, including in Rio where some 30 percent of the silver and bronze in medals came from recycled materials.

Japan is all set to unveil these eco-friendly medals designs later this year and will set an example for future organising committees.