Feeling stressed or strained? Eating Fruits and vegetables can help

Healthy Food

Everyone knows that eating fruits and vegetables gives different nutrients required for the well functioning of the body. A recent study suggested that it may also benefit mental well-being as well. Eating well will help the body and even mental health to counter all the negativity in the mind.

Eating Fruits and vegetables will improve mental well being to counter stress and negative thoughts.

The findings suggested that eating just one extra portion of vegetables and fruits in a day will have a similar effect on mental well-being as around 8 days of walking in a month for at least 10 minutes a day.

This is good news for people who tend to overwork and can’t find enough time for exercise. The work stress and overall mental well being can be improved with eating just fruits and vegetables.

This study was published in the Journal of Social Science and medicine. Findings of the study suggested eating fruits and vegetables may improve physical as well as psychological well being.

Researchers explained that they build their previous work in New Zealand and Australia and they used a large sample in these countries to verify these claims. Mental well being as well the life satisfaction levels were higher on those who more eat fruits and vegetables as compared to those who consumed less.

This research also stated that these dietary habits will improve mental and physical well in both long and short term.