An Italian company is using garbage to make upscale accessories

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Recycling is always been a great challenge for humanity but an Italian Company Aquafil is taking this challenge head-on and actually benefiting from it. Aquafil is using Econyl recycled threads to make clothes out of huge piles of trash.

Their effects can be pretty much sums up by this quote”It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”, while the others see only the garbage dump for Italian entrepreneur Giulio Bonazzi, it’s the launchpad for a Stella McCartney handbag or a pair of Levi’s jeans.

The Founder and CEO of nylon manufacturer Aquafil, Giulio Bonazzi explains his business mindset in an interview “When I look at a landfill, I see a goldmine”.

Oceans are filling up with plastics floating from every part of the world. Aquafil is recycling the material and turning it into nylon which can be used to make upscale apparel and accessories.

The benefits of doing this are not only limited to environmental factors but also financial. This era of social awareness is highly beneficial for any brand and with a backing of being an Eco-Friendly brand increases the brand value exponentially. The tougher sanction from the government is also becoming a headache for companies who relies on making products from raw materials and producing so much waste in their production stage, but for Aquafil this opens the door for unlimited potential for sales of the company’s Econyl thread.

Aquafil is using recycled material for their accessories, yarn which may be created for carpets or fishing net can be recycled and utilized by Aquafil for making accessories.

Bonazzi knows and cares about the planet in his interview he says that “Consumer demand for new products is almost endless, but the planet’s resources aren’t”. He shares his insight that they don’t mind this mentality of the customers because they have both state-of-the-art products and a better environment.

If you are curious after reading all this where you can find the products from this company you can Check the label of the clothes you own. Your own swimsuit, workout clothes or casual wear may be made from Econyl. Three of the better better-known clients using the yarn are Adidas AG, Levi Strauss & Co., and Speedo International.

There are billions of people currently active on Social media platforms and the engagement rate with eco-friendly posts are generally very high. This also showed an indication that Consumers may be more willing than ever to pay premium prices for products made from planet-friendly materials. Giulio Bonazzi says Econyl, which accounts for nearly 40 percent of Aquafil’s fiber sales, is clearly a “top-quality and thus top-margin” product for the company and being eco-friendly is clearly helping the growth rate of the company.

The trends are changing and when the tougher sanctions by various governments start to kick in more fashion brands will stop using virgin nylon by 2020 and will use more Econyl.

The European Union with a ban on consumer items like plastic plates, cutlery, and straws beginning in 2021, Aquafil will thrive in this situation and more brands will be required to follow these tough sanctions and use more environment-friendly materials. Aquafil also deals with abandoned fishing gear, which represents about 27 percent of marine litter.

Ocean life is heavily affected by fishing nets and other wastes and when Government Crackdown on companies and people who are responsible for this heavy marine littering these companies would have to switch to Aquafil and Bonazzi company will heavily benefit from these sanctions.

Bonazzi is very positive and hopeful regarding the future of our planet by saying “The hope is that individual countries will understand the importance of this measure and act swiftly. Time to save the planet is running out.”