How food is killing us?

Pizza along with other consumable items

After reading the headline, you must be thinking how is this possible. Well, a new study – published in Lancet – has found that poor diet causes more deaths in the world than any disease. In 2017, one of every five deaths was due to improper fooding habits and poor diet, amount to as many as 11 million deaths in the whole year.

The conducted study is a part of yearly Global Burden of Disease report — a highly detailed report prepared by the combined work of thousands of researchers that tracks death due to diseases and other factors in more than 190 countries — and has been funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ashkan Afshin, lead author of the study and also an assistant professor at Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation, University of Washington said, poor fooding causes more deaths than both tobacco and high blood pressure. He also said that the low intake of healthy food is far more important than the high intake of unhealthy foods.

The researchers focussed their study on 15 dietary risk factors, including comparing high diet of highly unhealthy foods like processed meat and sugar-sweetened beverages with low diet of healthy foods like fruits, veggies and whole grains.

Afshin also said that more than half of all deaths in 2017 due to diet issues were just due to three major factors:

  • Consuming large amounts of Salts.
  • Not consuming enough Whole Grains.
  • Not consuming Fruits.

Via this study, it was revealed that the death toll was the highest in Uzbekistan and the lowest in Israel. Other countries like India, China and the United States ranked 118, 140 and 43 respectively.

Daily Diet flow chart (Source: Lancet)

Study’s Daily Diet flow chart (Source: Lancet)

After hearing the report, many health organisations around the world weren’t surprised to find poor diet the leading cause of death. Some even said that most people around the world don’t even know nor they seek to know what they are consuming.

In Canada, the Health Canada recommends consuming at least half vegetables and fruits diet on a daily basis. They even recommend the type the veggies and fruits one should consume.

Eating a healthy diet especially in our super busy schedule in often a challenge but guess there isn’t a choice — this has to be done. Hopefully after reading you’ll improve your dieting habits.