WhatsApp Chats Are now more secure for iOS users with touch id/Face id integration

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Instant messaging app WhatsApp has added the much-awaited biometrics authentication feature to all iOS WhatsApp beta users. This new update lets WhatsApp users the ability to further secure their messaging app with biometrics. Older generation iPhone users can now use Touch id(Fingerprint scanner) to authenticate their Chats while Users having iPhones X or newer can enable Face id(Facial scanner) to do the same.

This new feature adds another security layer besides end-to-end encryption. The biometric Authentication feature is available in WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy. Users can still reply straight from the lock screen and can receive calls without any authentication but for opening the entire app you can use this authentication feature.

This feature is useful for people who give their smartphone for friends or family for making a short call but still worries about breach of privacy via personal WhatsApp messages. This feature is still in beta mode but a major stable version rollout is expected in the coming days.