iPadOS: An OS for the iPad


When Apple unveiled the latest iPad Pro, everyone said iOS is not the right operating system for the iPad, well it seems like Apple listened to their customers. The iPadOS is more of iOS but especially designed for the iPad.

There are some great changes and updates that iPadOS is bringing along. The OS is designed keeping in mind the big screen, starting with the home screen, iPad will now have a newly designed widgets panel — the same widgets panel that iOS has in its notifications centre — and this panel will be available alongside the app icons (Apple Main Menu).

The iPadOS Home

The iPadOS Home

Other than that, iPadOS also brings changes to the multitasking. Now, multitasking gestures can be used to switch between apps — even when in split screen mode, the user can easily drag and drop apps. Also when in split screen view, users can now use iOS’s exposé like view to switch between apps.

With the new iPadOS, Apple is giving iPads more room to grow, the company can bring changes specific to the iPad and not touch or tweak the iOS — just like the Watch, Mac and TVOS.

The updated Files App in the iPadOS, now supports SMB file transfer — means you can now transfer data to/from USB flash drives and SD cards directly from your iPad. Also, importing photos to Lightroom has never been easier, now you can import them directly from a flash drive rather than using a Siri shortcut.

Safari on the iPad has also received some tweaks, now you’ll be able to browse website in desktop style. Apple has added more than 30 new keyboard shortcuts, per-site preferences and text-size controls.

Apple Pencil and iPadOS are going to rock together as Apple reduces the Pencil latency from 20 to 9ms. Also, the standard tool palette is receiving some updates, which can now be used by third party apps.

Some new controls like a three finger pinch to copy and three finger spread to paste are also coming to the iPad. Apple is also adding fonts to the App Store, now a user can use a custom font inside a note, document or app.

The iPadOS is created to destroy the tablet competition and make the iPad the one true king. It’s going to be great for the iPad users.