iOS 13: Apple announces What’s next?

Apple IOS 13

At WWDC 2019, Apple arrived with all the software goodies it had been building. Taking a onstage look at the iOS 13, Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President “Software Engineering”, said “It the next big thing for iPhones”.

Dark Mode

The World has been waiting for this feature since the iOS 10, and finally is has arrived. Dark Mode brings the best visuals to iOS since its redesign in 2013 with iOS 7. Apple’s new Dark Mode will be available system wide, meaning even third party apps can go dark now.


Although iOS 12 brought huge power enhanced to the current iPhones, iOS 13 is taking it even farther, especially for the iPhone 6s and SE (now the oldest and the last to receive iOS 13). Apple is betting huge on performance since the past year, learning for issues that resulted in slow iPhones as they age.

Apple is promising 30% faster face unlocks, app launches will be twice as fast and app downloads will be almost half in size.

The new Swipe keyboard

Android phones have had this since version 2.3.6 (Gingerbread) and finally this feature is now available in iOS 13. The swipe keyboard might not be huge but iPhone users are surely going to love it.

Maps App

Although iPhone comes with a maps app, users always need to download the third-party Google Maps. Apple is now rectifying this, the company claims it has completely redesigned the Maps app from the ground up and is also filling in new data, which looks similar to a feature named Street View in Google Maps. The new Maps will roll out in the States by the end of 2019 and the rest of the world in 2020.

Reminders App

This one app was really getting old and a refresh was long overdue. The reminders app in iOS 13 is completely redesigned and contains the new Today, Scheduled, Flagged and All filter options. Apple says they are also implementing AI to suggest things you might want to get reminded about.

Photos App

Not bad looking but Apple is doing a redesign of the Photos App. The app is now powerful than ever and contains new sections Day, Month and Year view to show your photos. The app has also received new editing tools, now one can edit highlights, shadows, saturation, contrast, brilliance, sharpness, saturation, vignette and definition, all on the iPhone itself. As highlighted by Craig himself, you’ll now be able rotate videos on the device itself.

Messages App

Some users have this iMessage thing and especially for them, the Messages App on the iOS 13 is getting WhatsApp like profile pictures and name display. Also, now users can share their name and profile photo with other Messages users.

The one particular section highlighted here was the Memoji picture. Apple is brings huge enhancements to Memoji, users can now customise their Memoji to a detail like never before and even set it up as a Messages Profile Picture.

Privacy and Sign-in with Apple

Apple takes privacy very seriously and as expected, Apple has announced some new privacy option its bringing with iOS 13.


Many third-party app use location and you already have an option to enable and disable it, but in iOS 13, even when the location service are enabled for an App, there is now a just once option. This will prevent the app from pinging for location every now and then.

with Apple

Whenever we use options like Sign-in with Google or Sign-in with Facebook, there are many of our personal details that get forwarded and Apple with Sign-in with Apple is trying to stop that. The idea here is to allow user sign-in with a new account for that particular service — means each service will have it own account.

Proxy Email Address

Taking the Sign-in with Apple even further, Apple is making subscribing private. Subscribing to a service means entering your email address, which can be used for other purposes such as spamming. Apple is bringing a change here, with an apple email address now users can create new private email addresses on a per app basis. These new email address will act as relays to your original email address and when you get bored of using a service, the private email address can be deleted — you original email address will never be shared.

Find My App

Here, Apple is merging the Find My Friends & Find My iPhone App and is calling the new App “Find My”. This new app will put all of tracking in one place allowing for a much cleaner interface that two apps.

Other Updates

A major one here deals in External storage, you will finally be able to plugin external storage devices such as USB flash drives and SD card directly into your iPhone.

Mail on iPhone is getting a slight tweaking, welcoming all-new desktop formatting.

Safari is getting per-website preferences.

Notes is getting a new look with the gallery view, displaying all notes in one place.

Supported Devices

iPhones (6s and above).

iPod Touch (7th gen.).