Now you can delete your location history automatically on Google Now

Location History

It’s not a surprise that Google is tracking their user’s location whether they are using Google Maps or not as long your smartphone GPS is ON your every moment is recorded in Google Database but now you have the ability to delete your location history automatically on Google Now.

You can even check this by leaving your Location ON when you visit a hotel or a restaurant, Google will send you a notification asking for a review and in exchange of this review they even offer you rewards for being a “Local Guide”. You can also check other Google tracking machinery by Searching for an item on Google or Even Amazon using their Chrome Browser or Google Now and the next time you visit any website Google will show you advertisements of the product you just browsed upon. Google explains these actions by stating that this showcasing of products are more relevant to the customers and customers are benefitting from it. But in reality, this seems like a violation of privacy to many concerned users.

Google keeps track of all of your web activities and in other to generate more revenue they use your web activity to push relevant ads. Google has a pretty good idea of your country, age, religion, gender, etc. For example- Google Pushes life insurance advertisements for Old people, Clothing advertisements for women and even Health Supplement advertisements for users who searched the internet for some health supplements on Amazon and other shopping websites. These are just a few examples but this data of customers makes Google the best source of Advertising and according to statistics, Google Advertising is far more accurate and cheaper compared to traditional mass advertising.

This data is yours and you can control the amount of data you want to share with Google. You can completely restrict the logging of your location and search history, or delete the data manually. After years of these privacy allegations and Numerous fines by EU and other governing organization forced Google to succumbed to the peer pressure and now they have introduced a new control which gives users the ability to automatically delete this data periodically.

Google in their blog post, announced that they will allow users to choose from the time period until which their search, location, and web activities will be logged before they can be automatically deleted. Currently, you can either choose either three months or 18 months time period after which your activity will be deleted automatically. You can use this feature by heading over to More>Search activity inside the Google app. Here, under Web & App Activity, there you’ll find a button reading click on “Choose to delete automatically”, which will take head you further into more options. This photo will help you with how this works:

Delete location history on Google (Demonstration)

Delete location history on Google (Demonstration)

Google is giving the users these features and this will let you permanently delete your location data after this your location data linked to your account will be terminated.

If you’re concerned about your personal data use this feature will help you get a good night sleep thinking your personal life is now more personal. This feature is not worldwide available yet but According to Google, the rollout is in the works and we can expect a worldwide rollout in the coming weeks.

For the time being, you can manage your activity history by manually deleting items by time slots or by specific topics. For this, you have to “Delete activity by” option in the menu inside the My Activity page on Google app. When you open the setting portion on the Google app the amount of data they store will scare you and will make you wonder that Google Knows more about you than your closest of friends.