Energizer’s 18,000mAh phone may never see commercial launch

Energizer p18K

Avenir Telecom goal was to receive $1.2 million in funding from the world but they received only $15,005 from only 11 backers and with this outcome, a commercial launch for Energizer’s 18,000 mAh – PowerMax P18K Pop phone is in the darks.

The Brand Energizer created a lot of buzz at
Mobile World Congress this year due to their PowerMax P18K Pop smartphone with hosting a huge 18,000mAh battery. The Smartphone was about an inch thick for comparison, Its size is equal to three regular-sized smartphones stacked together.

Avenue Telecom wanted to mass-produce this smartphone and they were hoping for commercial launch this summer. The plan was simple to generate a lot of hype over their prototype and so, that they can receive funding on Indiegogo from people all around the world. The Hype was around this device and the goal was to receive $1.2 million in total funding on Indiegogo with an early-bird price of $549 and they promised delivery window of October 2019.

The goal was optimistic and the hype was there but Avenir’s Indiegogo campaign for the Energizer huge battery phone managed to receive only $15,005 in pledged support. Avenir only managed to gather 1% funding of their goal and fell 99 percent short of achieving its original goal. Indiegogo in recent years had so many instances where the company never shipped the actual product even after receiving full payment of the product. Even though Avenir Telecom is not going to do this fraudulent act the doubts around crowdfunding projects stopped people from investing in their product.

The specs were average and the huge battery makes the phone very heavy for comfortable usage. The basic demand for customers is to have a smartphone with a big battery not a battery with a screen on it. Avenir had to receive funds from nearly 1000 people but the idea behind a smartphone which is thrice the size of a regular smartphone managed to attract only 11 backers. This doesn’t imply that Customers don’t appreciate innovation but a reasonable idea attracts a lot more people rather than an unreasonable one.