Zoo Hypothesis – Why we see no Aliens?

Aliens on Planet Earth

As per zoo hypothesis Fermi paradox conveys that the alien life intentionally avoid to make contact with homosapians and also extends reason as “Aliens are not making any contact with humans because they do not want to create any bad effect on natural evolution and socio cultural process, also avoiding interplanetary contamination”.

Aliens and extraterrestrial civilisation are a topic of deep interest. There are number of theories explaining the existence or non-existence of aliens and one of them is Fermi Paradox. Which states that there are billions of stars in the universe and it might be possible that stars like sun exist which are older than solar system. There are very high chances of presence of earth like planets but there was no convincing answer to the question “Where is everybody?”

One of the many explanations to Fermi paradox is zoo hypothesis. The hypothesis is that alien life intentionally avoids communication with living beings of planet Earth. Just like we observe the animals at a zoo, those creatures might be observing earth from a place far enough for us to find out. They do so to avoid interplanetary contamination and allow evolution.

They might withhold contact until human’s force contact upon them possibility by sending a spaceship. Just like Iain M.Bank’s “The State of The Art” where the aliens leaves earth un-contacted after watching its development but alternatively there is a greater risk contacting the other civilisation first. Alien society with advanced technology can be a threat to us just like TV series (Stranger Things) where our disturbances to the other universe resulted in life threat but existence of aliens is still a question mark these theories only provide us with the possibilities of their existence.

However there are no such strict evidences supporting the lines above but the hypothesis creates an amazing assumption to analyse and work upon.