Study: E-Cigarettes are more effective than Nicotine Therapy

E-Cigarette Liquid

E-Cigarettes are a boon for smokers as they help mimic a cigarette’s behaviour without smoke. The debate of E-Cigarettes and other Nicotine replacement methods has been long on, but this new study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, hands-over E-Cigarettes its biggest win yet.

According to the study, a total of 886 people participated, of-which, after a year, eighteen percent ended with vapes while around ten percent people ended using nicotine-replacement aids like Nicotine gums and inhalers. Meaning that E-Cigarettes are a much better replacement, but there’s still a challenge as of how to keep them away from non-smokers, especially teens.

It doesn’t seem like a huge success, but it’s huge

Although eighteen percent might not seem like a super huge success but guess what, it’s not that easy to quit smoking, once you start, it’s a never ending process until you die. It’s not the cigarette a person gets addicted too, it’s Nicotine. Therefore, there is a possibility that Nicotine based replacement may allow you to go off conventional cigarettes and with this new report in favour, E-Cigarettes are leading the department.

David Levy, Professor at Georgetown University and not involved in the research said that sometimes people don’t recognise how vaping products have become a much better substitute overtime. While another professor, also not involved in the research said that this study was conducted under medical supervision and thus doesn’t support the unlimited availability of E-Cigarettes.

Furthermore, this was a UK only study, so people around the world can see different effects from E-Cigarettes.

The persons advertising E-Cigarettes are spreading false news among teens

A major issue with E-Cigarettes is that they are advertised super healthy and stylish — sort of fashion. This triggers a negative effect among teens — many who have never ever smoked a real cigarette in life. And as E-Cigarettes contain the same additive drug as conventional cigarettes — the Nicotine — it’s high chances that the teen get addicted to E-Cigarettes — creating new generation smokers.

Organisations like the Food and Drug Organisation in the US have been in head-to-head with E-Cigarette companies like Jule to stop them from flavouring Nicotine in E-Cigarettes as it attracts teens and gets them addicted but the companies insist that it’s the flavouring that actually help smokers switch to E-Cigarettes and ultimately quit smoking.

Although, many doctors support E-Cigarettes but another problem with them is that their long term effects are still unknown. E-Cigarettes are a new invention and can possibly have some negative effects on one’s health.